I re-discovered my passion for the creative while in recovery from an eating disorder.  Intuitive art allows me to channel my emotions and feelings with color, texture, shapes, patterns, and images.  The resulting painting, drawing, or collage reflects what's going on inside of me.  Sometimes the paintings are light spirited; sometimes the paintings are melancholy.  All emotions are valid - none need to be locked away. We each have a voice that yearns to be heard. 

Please take a look around on my sight. What speaks to you?  How do your share your voice with others?  I'd love to hear from you.

Price list:

Watercolors - starting at $10 for a 3x3" unframed

Mixed media - starting at $33 for a 6x6" ready to hang



September 18 - Errin Witherspoon and I chat about my art -  what's with the skull?  when did I start doing watercolors? what inspired the crab?